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Utilizing Sales and Marketing to Boost Profits

Exchange of goods and services are part and parcel of sales and marketing strategies in any form of business operation. It is for this reason that any business organization has the department of sales and marketing. Marketing metrics mainly recognize taste and preferences of clienteles as well as different goods that are on high demand. A good example is that a business firm would tend to produce more of goods on high demand. They would produce cloths in accordance to the newest fashion on demand. This is mainly to save the company from running into enormous losses emanating from high production cost.

The entire process of identifying the states as well as preferences of customers is known as market analysis. It uses principles such as demand, wants and needs in knowing whether to produce more or reduce the production levels. Thus, the act of buying and selling of goods and services depends on wants, needs and demand of customers. Need is a principle of marketing at as it affects almost every person in life. Wants are not permanent but it regularly changes depending on time, location and people. Numerous scholars attests that want is the desire of purchasing a product or services that are not necessary. For instance, food is a basic consumer need, however a dessert or buffet are consumers wants as they are supplementary human wants and are not a necessity for life. The surrounding and the lifestyle of a person shape wants and continuous satisfaction of wants transforms to a need.  For example, it is not a must for a person to smoke cigarettes to live, but continuous smoking of cigarettes develop the addiction that transform the cigarette want to a need. It is for this reason we often hear that cigarette addicts cannot survive without smoking a cigarette in a day.


Consumer preference and satisfaction still remains a central focus of most companies where different companies make available of their products to their clients w across the globe. However, the major threat to growth and expansion of a company has been the increasing number of companies and it emanates from incoherent planning of sales and marketing strategies at


This has seen most companies lose a lot of money to unscrupulous traders who attach less significance to sales and marketing. Other challenges include the World economic recess, unhealthy competition, political upheavals, and technological setback which can be avoided through intensive sales and marketing. Learn some tips on SEO at